African Drumming Online Course

African Drumming Online Course

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Suitable for whole-class or small group tuition with 7-14 year olds. 

Videos include:

  • 3 pieces which are broken down into clear and simple steps

  • Higher ability parts

  • Progressive musicianship skills (copyback & improvisation) suitable for African drumming

  • Participant compositions (in a West African style)

  • Videos of drummers in West Africa performing traditional music in West & South Africa.

  • Videos showing the cultural context of the music in West & South Africa which are chosen to be appropriate viewing for children aged 7-14.

Also included:

  • Suggested classroom instrument substitutions

  • Online quizzes and questionnaires to support the practical music learning

  • Mentor support

  • Full class/small group assessments

  • Participant log books (suitable for Arts Award Discover qualification)

  • Teacher pack (includes Arts Award Discover guidance)

  • Optional Arts Award Adviser training (additional cost)